MERCEDES E W211 EVO – Replacing the mirror-mounted turn indicator


What you need..


-          The new turn indicator

-          A Torx TH10 screwdriver

-          A flat screwdriver any size

-          One beer and a few curses..


1) Adjust the mirror all the way towards the car body so that it leaves a gap on the outer side


2) Peek inside to see how the mirror is hooked in place (it’s snap-in mounted with plastic hooks fixing it to the orientation motor) and using your fingers or a screwdriver gently pry the mirror out, making every effort not to shatter it…


3) Remove the plastic protection on the outer side of the motor using your fingers or a flat screwdriver. It’s held in place by the usual snap-in plastic hooks that look like they’re specifically designed to break…..


4) Undo the Torx screws that hold the front frame of the mirror body and remove it


5) Remove the motor to expose the screws holding the turn-indicator and undo them


6) Unplug the turn-indicator electrical connector


7)     Pull outwards the mirror shell as much as needed to expose the last screw, undo it and, at last, remove the indicator


8)     Put in place the new indicator and follow back the above steps in reverse order to finish the job. Some cursing along the way may help a lot! J

Good luck!